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About the Author

I studied statistics and computer science in school and I’ve developed over 20 R packages over the years. I started working as a statistical consultant at the end of my junior year. I worked on a Statistical Process Control project for 2 years. Then I worked as a research assistant for a year while getting my master’s degree in statistics. Now I lead a team of marketing analysts in a market research company. You can find my full profile on LinkedIn.

About Priority Details

I’ve been helping people with their R problems since 2010. Sometimes, I found myself answering the same questions again and again. In 2016, I decided that I should write about some of them and share what I’ve learned with a wider audience. Not long after I started this blog, I realized that there is an even better way to help – getting in touch with the author and fixing the problems directly! In the past two years, I started submitting issues and making pull requests on GitHub more often.

As you know, R is a language in which the packages are mainly developed by statisticians. Being a statistician myself, I hate how terrible we are at development… Although there are so many R packages out there, there aren’t enough good ones (except all tidyverse packages). When trying to use a new package, you have probably encountered inconsistent API, inadequate documentation, and incorrect example code. It is a huge pain, and I want to try to help you avoid some of them.

This blog covers topics that contains important details I spent the most time figuring out. I call them top-priority details. For example, today I spent some time on how to run a mixed effect ordered logit model with multiple-comparison using least-square means, and also on different ways to use standard evaluation with lazyeval and dplyr. I’ll also talk about some of my own projects and the ideas behind them.